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Senator Martin’s bill is LD 1979.  His goal is to try and come up with a solution so that Irving will allow ATV use.   Scott and I met with them for over an hour and I think we have a possible game plan which will involve people having to join a local club to ride on Irving land but not be charged a fee by Irving.   We are reviewing the statues to see what if anything might need to be changed and are going to work with them to try and implement it.  Hopefully more info to come.


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I believe that Scott and yourself are woking diligently to obtain access over Irving lands for ATV pourposes. Please feel free to call on our staff to assist you in any way we can.

We look forward to a resolution that will satisfy the needs of sportsmen accross the state.

Kevin Ward

ATV Maine

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First let me make it clear that neither Scott nor I have had any input in this piece of Legislation, but we are going to discuss it with John Martin today.  At this point we don’t support the concept of changing the Recreational liability law to allow a landowner to charge individuals a fee for use as that may well open a huge can of worms.  It could ultimately lead to landowners charging people to hunt, fish, trap, and snowmobile etc.  The law currently allows the state to pay for access without impacting the landowners liability but if landowners charge individual users for exclusive use they would lose the protection under the recreational liability statues. 


We have suggested that Irving charge the state a fee like so much an acre or a mile for trails.  We have been told they would rather charge individuals and only allow locals to ride on their land.  This could mean for instance that people from Van Buren could ride on Irving lands in Van Buren but not on Irving land in Mars Hill or Fort Kent and vice versa.  Our concern is that that kind of system would be very restrictive, confusing and almost impossible for law enforcement or clubs to enforce.  Furthermore we couldn’t use state money to build or maintain those trails since they wouldn’t be open to the ATVing public.


My hope is that we can find a workable win/win solution to solve this dilemma and allow us to connect trails across Irving land like we are on many of the other major landowners but the bottom line is that Irving owns the land so the final decision is theirs.


Brian Bronson


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This is to address the issue in northern Maine - Valley ATV Riders, Slybrook TrailBlazers, North Ridge Runners, Frenchville ATV Riders,

regarding Irving Land Use.  Please feel free to correct any misconceptions. 


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I just got off the phone with Jim Caron and here are my notes I took while talking with him.

Jim Irving is the landowner, Anthony Hourian (sp?) is speaking for Irving.  Apparently, Irving would like to charge a fee for using his land - making it more into a private trail.  State of Maine does not support this.  Brian Bronson with Scott Ramsey and John Martin would like to pass legislation "allowing landowners to charge a fee for using their land".  I am not certain of the wording.  Anyway, the Irving land use by ATV is stalled for  now.  I believe it would benefit us as a club to push this along now rather than this spring.  I will call John Martin and see if I can get more specific wording and what he thinks will happen by next summer. 

Now you know what I know on this issue.


Also, Jim Caron would like to see us get together with Slybrook TrailBlazers atv club and discuss where the responsibility for trails starts and ends.  Also, we need better signs on trails - I think we need someone to do just that specific duty.  Also, you guys working on grants in January, don't forget you can't charge a fee for a tool we own, like a chainsaw or brushsaw (which we don't), but we can buy the equipment through the grant.  Maybe you can include my gps unit and software.  I'll donate whatever you get. ($140 gps, $125 software).  I think we have to put some gravel on Tom Whitworths road where we will be passing.


Gil Caron has given an okay to pass on his road (property ), next to his shed on south perley brook near his home.  It brings you to Porsche D'Our near Rodney Rioux old homestead.  Be sure to thank him. 


Check the website and let me know what you would like to have included,

Have a great winter!


Don in  Northern Maine