Valley ATV Riders

Northern Aroostook County, Maine

Valley ATV Riders, PO Box 192, Ft Kt Mills, Me 04744

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2017, 7000 miles, 137 clubs, ATV Maine Annual Meeting in April...

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Membership dues are starting to come in. Thanks goes to all those who joined early!

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Adirondack Building on Heritage Trail, Fort Kent / St. John  townline


Film featuring  activities 
will promote regional tourism


New Signs Video

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June 27, 2016




ATV Maine Officers and Officials

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map of Valley ATV Riders 2014 trails

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Please do slow down, keep dust down, keep noise down



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Heritage Trail
 - New Adirondack Shelter


 Valley ATV Riders Membership 

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Notes you should know...

Why you should support Valley ATV Riders?


In order to have trails in the greater Fort Kent area, the Valley ATV Riders must have landowner permission,

which is why we have the trails we do, even though many of us take it for granted.  Without the generosity

of these landowners, we would not have trails, a big THANK YOU to these landowners!

         Now, how do the VATV Riders fit into this picture?  Let me begin by saying that every five years or so, one

of our officers visits with each landowner and they sign an agreement which is drawn up by the Maine State Department

of Conservation.  This is probably the most important thing that the VATV Riders do for the ATV riders in the greater

Fort Kent area but what follows are some other things the club does for you so you can enjoy riding ATV.  Among them,

but not limited to are: 1. Signage (arrows designating where the trails are) 2. Signs telling you where services can be found

(on Heritage Trail at Glendale Siding and Village Road)  3. Trail Maintenance: periodically, you will notice that the trails

have been maintained, especially after a heavy rain.  The VATV Riders purchased a tractor and equipment (Thanks to

 grant through Yamaha) which is used to level out the trails when needed. So please always drive prudently and watch

out for the tractor on the trail. 4. Dust abatement:  During dry spells, landowners in town may experience periods of

extreme dusty conditions.  The Valley ATV Riders then put calcium on the trails in an attempt to abate this dust.  How

can you help?  Please slow down to alleviate this problem.  5. In order to get permission from one of our biggest landowners,

the VATV Riders purchase a liability insurance.  In order to ride on their land, you should have an updated local club and

ATV Maine sticker which the VATV riders send to you upon membership payment along with a map provided by NMDC. 6. 

The VATV Riders have provided picnic tables and trash cans on the trail at the following spots: On the Heritage Trail at

Glendale Siding and the Adirondack Building (which by the way was also a VATV Riders project), at the scenic views at

Arnold Dubois, Lee Theriault, and Caron Farms, and at the corner of Caron and Black Lake Road.

In closing, with over 600 registered ATV in FK,  everyone should support the VATV Riders.  Every year, membership

forms are mailed out.  If you have received one, please send in your membership if you haven’t yet and/or go online to and you will find a membership form and mail to: 

Valley ATV Riders, PO Box 192, Fort Kent Mills, Me 04744  Thank you.


The Valley ATV Riders provide to members only:
- Landowners Liability Insurance - above and beyond what the State of Maine provides.
- Affiiated with the ATV Maine trail alliance. 
- We maintain and sign 42 miles of trails and back roads, local trail system.
- We share and interact online on facebook and maintain a website.
- Work with landowners and provide access and main trail permissions for members only.
- We are a group of volunteers who are highly interested in this particular activity, see value for the community as an organized ATV enthusiast group!
Please show your support by joining - get the app here...

?  Did you know  ??
-you must have landowner permission
to ride on the trails or property?
Belonging to a club, such as VATV Riders,
you have this permission.

ATV Accident injures two.
Fiddlehead Focus - July 21





posted 04/25/2012
FiddleHead Focus

Council discusses union contracts, ATV road use



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Logs are sticking out onto the trail, so please drive slow - watch for oncoming traffic.

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